Class Openoffice
In: lib/roo/openoffice.rb
Parent: GenericSpreadsheet


cell   celltype   formula   formula?   formulas   new   officeversion   sheets   to_s  


A_ROO_TYPE = { "float" => :float, "string" => :string, "date" => :date, "percentage" => :percentage, "time" => :time, }

Public Class methods

initialization and opening of a spreadsheet file values for packed: :zip

Public Instance methods

Returns the content of a spreadsheet-cell. (1,1) is the upper left corner. (1,1), (1,’A’), (‘A’,1), (‘a’,1) all refers to the cell at the first line and first row.

returns the type of a cell:

  • :float
  • :string
  • :date
  • :percentage
  • :formula
  • :time
  • :datetime

Returns the formula at (row,col). Returns nil if there is no formula. The method formula? checks if there is a formula.

true, if there is a formula

returns each formula in the selected sheet as an array of elements [row, col, formula]

version of the openoffice document at 2007 this is always “1.0“

returns an array of sheet names in the spreadsheet

shows the internal representation of all cells mainly for debugging purposes